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So here are the benefits of Online Boot-Camps...

The ongoing pandemic has left each one of us in as a state of lethargy and has severely disrupted the socio-economic most importantly the educational fabric of life.

It has forced people to change their monotonous routine of life and as a result, adapt to a new normal. The crisis has profoundly affected the already derelict education system. It has now appeared to be trembling to a more decrepit state.

What does the future hold?

The education system is in a dire need of innovative approaches in other words the online boot-camps and virtual classes provide a much needed, solution to the crumbling future of education. Remote areas seem to be suffering from the inadequacy of resources. The educational institutions are failing to […]

The Hard case for soft skills

The novel coronavirus leaves our current social and educational institutions vulnerable. As a result, most people confined within their homes are more prone to anxiety and mental issues. Provided the current conditions, For instance, students’ skill-building process could be at stake as far as their interpersonal, communication, and other social skills are concerned. However, humans are the primitive team players: our uniquely complex social relationships have been a crucial survival advantage. So, some evolutionary thinkers see the key moment for the emergence of interpersonal skills, Similarly to the point when our ancestors moved from treetops to life on the broad grasslands when social coordination in hunting and gathering […]

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