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DigiLink distance learning CONTEST


To all Young Minds out there, Team TechScape wants to let you know that we are here for you all in this tough time. Whether you all are affected by the layoffs due to COVID-19 or your institutions is affected by it. Through Digilink, we aim  to make sure that you are utilizing all your time in the best and productive way possible..
Here is how we as TechScape – team members, Programmers, Trainers, Designers, partners, and our Young minds – are working together to play our part in keeping technology, our careers, and our economies moving.
Team TechScape is working remotely from home. We are extremely fortunate to be in a position where we can do this. Therefore all our current projects, titles, and publishing activities are continuing as before. We are working with #creators, #developers and #Innovators to solve individual problems and challenges.

What we can Do?

We will do everything we can to support each other and our contributors and partners with the vision to flourish our skills even remotely through different programs. With the same notion in our mind, TechScape is launching its Digital platform for its customers, For now, we have worked together and were able to open DigiLink for #youngminds out there at respective Homes.

How Will this Help?

DIGILINK will help young students to continue to learn and keep their skills up to date and will make sure to equip them with the skills necessary for the unpredictable future that awaits. All you need is to post your innovative idea with the other young minds out there, and you will see the magic in the next minute. Every student is open to add value to hundreds of ideas remotely, and ultimately the best idea will get the opportunity to showcase their project in upcoming TechFair, all the rights go to the one who will be posting the idea.


Submit Your Task as per Theme

Top Contest.

Mobile App

Make a simple mobile App on Kodular or MIT app inventor and upload Apk.

Graphic design

Design a Poster/Flyer/Pamphlet that best describe the theme “Stay Home Stay Safe” with respect to the current situation around the world

Make a Video

Theme : Participant make a short video clip that will describe the theme “Stay Home Stay Safe” with respect to the current situation around the world.

Scratch Game

Develop your own 2D Game with at least two levels. The game could be story or a puzzle or anything that you want to make

Story/ Essay writing

This competition will encourage students to showcase their story writing skills. The stories must be interesting, varied characters and must attempt to teach a lesson in accordance to the below given theme.

Develop and Host Website

The websites can be about anything along the lines of (corona counter, game review blogs, etc)

Art and Craft

DIY Robots, Wood Working: Put your craftsman skills, or make art in your own brilliant way to spread awareness about Corona Virus

How to Submit your Content ?

Play Video

Young Minds can now share their idea

Connections are more important. Ideas aren't important to hold on to, People around you will appreciate and contribute on what you're doing and what your thoughts are. “The digital sharing economy creates new markets, produces millions of job opportunities, “ TechScape DigiLink platform enables you get strong insight of your value proposition and allow you to know about its need. If you are working on your out of box innovative idea that you are planning to work on? then take out time to share it here with other students and with mentors. Our global outreach will help you in designing your idea from scratch to on ground development of your incredible out of box idea. Your Idea can be anything.. for instance transforming your best daily life game into a digital mobile game or a mobile application that you are planing to pitch in-front of investors in upcoming TechFair.

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